Full artwork that I've made, most of it being fan art.


Excited for the HEBEREKE remake, I hope Hebe meets Bop-Louie

Mockup screenshot of Spelunky 2 as an arcade fighting game.

Merry Spelunkymas‼

A mash-up between Spelunky and pop'n music! Had fun imagining all the design stuff in this.

ROBA 2.0 - Originally designed for making deliveries, the robot from Spelunky HD returns, upgraded with the latest space exploration tech!

Experimenting with painting-like artstyle.

ALT 2.0 from pop'n music!

A pretty nice vacation spot if you don't mind lava being dumped on your head once in a while.

POV: you had the ankh and died on 4-2

Fun fact, UFOs don't even appear in the Mothership! I might've gotten confused with Spelunky HD...

Sheriff Domestic fanart. Zzz...

silly among us personalities. (twitter thread)

Cover art for Fresh Fishing.

Silly fish guy!