pop'n faves

Big list of my favorite stuff in pop'n music! :) All the stuff here is clickable, check em out!

My favorite songs:

These ones are also nice

and now my favorite characters


He's the baseball mascot of the Pink Poppers and his song goes hard!! He's pretty much a background character but his silly outfit and dorky animations are what make him one of my favorite characters i guess lol.


I think ALT's character design is pretty cool, especially her 2.0 design. The songs she features in are great too!

SATOU-SAN (and Shishamo)

Just some silly characters with a cute story in their animations. You can't have one without the other.


Sergei has a cute character design, really love his debut song Space Dog too.


Just cool as hell tbh

I'll probably write more elaborate descriptions at a later point lol. I'm also a fan of most of the characters featured in the songs I listed too. alright byeee