Sup! My name is ToastGhost and this is my webzone!

I spend my free time creating music and art, as well as playing videogames. You can check out the stuff I've made here on this website!

This website is still under construction! Most of the groundwork is done, but things are still in the works. Still making new pages and updating current ones...

(more about me...)

btw does anyone know any good file hosts for music files? Stuff like soundcloud and bandcamp make fancy displays, I just want something basic to host a link to the mp3/wav.

im currently using discord and its almost perfect but just sucks cuz it gets blocked on school wifi LOL

Hello! My name is Bop Louie and I am in big trouble. I was living in a peaceful town called Ufouria. One day, my friends and I found a gigantic crater near the place where we live. We were all very curious to see what was down inside but we came too close to the edge and slipped! Now I am lost in a strange world and I do not know where my friends are. Please help me find my friends, Shades, Freeon-Leon and Gil so we can go back home to Ufouria.


Udjat Editor

A visual editor for modding Spelunky Classic's level generation data.

pop'n faves

Big list of my favorite songs and characters in pop'n music

Spelunky Sample Sources

Documentation of all the samples I've identified from Spelunky's soundtrack. WIP


Dark theme for Neocities. In early stages.


Other websites I recommend checking out!


To do:

  • Should probably tidy my html a bit... urgh...
  • Polishing and getting rid of unused stuff.
  • Add pictures to sketches page.

May 2023

  • New images added to the artwork page.
    +new background music!
  • Character pages have cute pixel icons now hehe

Mar 2023

  • Improvements to webpage layout for mobile.
  • New character pages done!
  • Polishing on various pages.

Feb 2023

  • New tracks Motions and Starlight added.
  • Website has a new name! And fixed the issues that change caused...

Dec 2022

  • All music tracks converted to mp3 and wav to be mobile friendly.
  • ...I like ogg better but im coming to terms with it.

Oct 2022

  • New webpage layout designs!
  • Music tracks were re-rendered to have proper endings.
  • Made cover art for tracks that don't have one.

June 2022

  • New home page layout.
  • Website theme and color palette stuff.


the website name i wanted was claimed by a guy 4 years ago that wrote "bepis" and left